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The Ifshin Collection of Fine Violins
We at Ifshin Violins have always been proud of our extensive collection of fine string instruments and bows. We currently are fortunate to have an unusually large selection of fine violins. If any of these fine violins are of interest to you, please give us a call. We will be delighted to give you more information.

Violin Bows

We also have a fine selection of violin bows by such makers as: Victor Fetique, Emile Ouchard, W. E. Hill & Sons, Cuniot-Hury, Roger Gerome, Vidoudez, Morizot, Marcel Lapierre, Albert Nurnberger, G.A., H.R. and F.C. Pfretzschner, F. Daugin, Morgan Andersen and many more. Please see our Fine Bow page for a full listing.

Of course, our collection of fine violins is always changing. We strongly recommend that you call before you come in, to see what instruments are available for you to try.