Ifshin Violins

Authored by Richard Ward

Almost every day we get calls, e-mails and visits from folks perhaps  just like you who have an old violin that has a paper label inside with a  famous name like Stradivarius, Guarnerius, Amati, Stainer and others.  Usually, these violins have been in the family, sometimes for  generations. The instrument may have been found in a thrift store or at a  garage sale. Often, when they look inside the violin, they spot the  little paper label and get excited.


We all want the best value we can get for our hard-earned money especially in our current economy. While shopping for value is usually a good thing, cheap is often just cheap. Because of our demand for lower and lower prices, we are awash in low grade products of all kinds made to sell for a rock-bottom price. But what good is the bargain, if it is only going to fall apart within a few days or weeks? This is especially true with string instruments.


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