Ifshin Violins

by Richard Ward

Luigi VillaRecently Jay Ifshin and Herb Rudolph of Timberwood Industries (who helped us acquire the collection of Dino Lelli) traveled to Milan to see the violins, violas and cellos left by Luigi Villa of Pesano (near Milan). Both Jay and Herb were impressed by what they saw and arranged to purchase the finest examples of violins, violas and cellos from the estate. Villa celloThese instruments represent an excellent opportunity to acquire a good quality, excellent sounding Italian instrument at an affordable price.

Luigi Villa was born in Pesano in 1919. He attended art school and became a sculptor, working in wood. He also began to study violin making on his own while still young. For ten years Villa worked with Pierro Parravicini in Bovisio, one of the most important violin makers of the 20th century, thus continuing the tradition handed down to Parravicini by his teacher, Romeo Antoniazzi. For the rest of his career Luigi Villa operated a violin shop, doing repairs and restorations as well as making fine new instruments.

Since having the instruments here, we have sold all of the cellos, most of the violas, and most of the violins. We are pleased to be able to offer these fine instruments to you. Please contact us for more information.