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Ergonomic viola
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Violin and viola players often develop physical problems (especially tendinitis) over many years of playing given the somewhat unnatural playing position. This is especially true of violists because of the larger size of the instrument. Sometimes these problems can end a playing career. In the 1990’s David Rivinus designed an ergonomic viola that had a similar air volume as a conventional instrument giving it the deep rich viola sound, but with much more comfortable playing position. In some cases David “Pellegrina” saved violists careers. Don Erlich, formerly the assistant principal violist of the San Francisco Symphony had to take a leave of absence from the SF Symphony because of a severe case of tendinitis after years of playing on a 17” viola. He was able to return to his position after switching to one of David’s Pellegrina viola.

David first studied violin making with Thomas Smith in Indianapolis, moving to Los Angeles to work with Hans Weisshaar. David and Tom Metzler formed “Metzler and Rivinus Violins” in Glendale.  After several years David opened his own shop. He has since retired after creating a number of Pellegrina violas.

This would be an excellent opportunity for the violist experiencing physical problems from years of playing a conventional viola.

Length of back is 15 1/2"