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The Ifshin Collection of Fine Bows

Over the years, Jay Ifshin has acquired many fine bows from the most skilled contemporary makers and has kept some of the best for his personal collection. He has recently put several particularly nice bows from his collection on sale. This in addition to an already spectacular selection of fine bows makes now an excellent time to upgrade your bow!

From $1,000 to $3,000

Enrico Morelli

Monique Poullot

Monique Poullot

Several examples. For the past decade we have been the exclusive representatives of Monique Poullot’s bows in the United States. Her training can be traced back to the bow making school in Mirecourt run by Bernard Ouchard, as her first teacher was a graduate of the program. Well steeped in the traditional methods of the great French school, she has continued perfecting her craft with such masters as the renowned Stephane Tomachot. These bows are a great value for the price. Her wood selection is first rate, consistently rich in tonal properties and flexible across the strings. Her bows are excellent for any player looking for a good, modern French bow at an affordable price.
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