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    The Ifshin Collection of Fine Bows

    Over the years, Jay Ifshin has acquired many fine bows from the most skilled contemporary makers and has kept some of the best for his personal collection. He has recently put several particularly nice bows from his collection on sale. This in addition to an already spectacular selection of fine bows makes now an excellent time to upgrade your bow!

    Student Bows for Violin, Viola and Cello

    A wide range of fine new bows, usually available from Ifshin Violins

    For Violin, Viola, and Cello

    Carbon Fiber bows John Brazil
    Arcos Brazil
    Guy Jeandel
    Joseph Sandner
    J.P. Bernard
    Emile Richaud
    Jay Haide
    Description of Bows   Violin   Viola   Cello
    - Our most economical wood bow. An excellent value in a brazilwood bow. $55 $60 $65
    - Erich Steiner. From Germany, brazilwood stick. $99 $119 $129
    - Jay Haide. Carbon fiber bow. $65 $119 $129
    - J.H.. Stick of select pernambuco. $195 $210 $225
    - Jay Haide. Braided carbon fiber stick, silver mounted. $199 N/A N/A
    - Jay Haide. Carbon fiber stick, wood grain finish, silver mounted. $295 N/A N/A
    - Jay Haide. Select pernambuco stick, silver mounted. $350 $375 $395
    - Jay Haide. Extra select pernambuco stick, silver mounted. $425 N/A N/A
    - Emile Richaud. Highly select pernambuco stick, reproduction of Tourte, Peccatte and Sartory. $625 N/A N/A
    - John Brasil. From the Horst John company in Brasil. Excellent quality pernambuco stick, nickel mounted. $425 $450 $585
    - Horst John. Silver mounted, exceptional quality pernambuco stick. $825 $850 $925
    - Arcos Brasil. From the highly respected Arcos Brasil workshop. Quality pernambuco stick, nickel mounted frog. $630 $650 $720
    - Arcos Brasil. Higher quality pernambuco, silver mounted. $840 $860 $1,000
    - Arcos Brasil. Select quality pernambuco stick. Elegant frogs of snakewood or Horn, silver mounted with a pearl fleur d'lys on each side. Limited availability. $1,100 N/A N/A
    - Guy Jeandel. Fine quality round pernambuco stick, silver mounted frog. Model of E. Sartory of Paris. $795 N/A N/A
    - Josef Sandner. From Germany, these bows have an octagonal pernambuco stick and an ebony frog with engraved silver mounts. Silver tip. $895 N/A N/A
    - J.P.Bernard Brussels. From the workshop of Pierre Guillaume, one of the finest bowmakers in the world. Excellent quality pernambuco stick, nickel mounted ebony frog. $995 N/A N/A
    - J.P.Bernard-Bruxelles. These exceptional bows are the best workshop bows from Pierre Guillaume. Silver mounted ebony frog. $1,695 N/A N/A

    We also have the complete selection of bows from Coda Bow, priced from $269.00 to $699.00.

    Visit our website for information on the bows of Morgan Andersen, Pierre Guillaume, and Jacques and Monique Poullot.