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The new Jay Haide Statue or "S" model represents an excellent alternative to our regular European wood cellos. The European wood used for this model was chosen for its tonal qualities and is offered at an ideal price point.

Visit our Article on "S" model cellos to read more about this new Jay Haide model and read an interview with Jay Ifshin on our Jay Haide blog

"Ifshin Violins" Poster by David Lance Goines

We are very excited to offer the "Ifshin Violins" poster, an original David Goines, while supplies last.

Elmar Oliveira, Featured Artist

One of the preeminent violinists of our time, Elmar Oliveira is the only American violinist to be awarded the gold medal at the International Tchaikovsky Violin Competition as well as the first and only violinist to receive the coveted Avery Fisher Prize. He has appeared as soloist on five continents with most of the world's major orchestras. Elmar Oliveira plays on one of our premium Jay Haide l'Ancienne violins.

Click here to listen to him performing 'Meditation' from 'Thais' by Massenet on his Jay Haide violin, with Robert Koenig on piano.

Elmar Oliveira, Featured Artist
Jeff Solo
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Bow rehairs at Ifshin Violins

There will be NO bow rehairs December 2nd- December 22nd, 2016

Please read this article for more information on our new bow rehair policies

Guide To Choosing and Using Strings for Violins, Violas and Cellos

stringsMany musicians and students are amazed and sometimes bewildered by the large number of strings available for the violin, viola, cello and bass. We are offering this information to answer some of the basic questions about choosing strings...Each different type of string has its own special characteristics, which can change the sound of your instrument. These characteristics can make subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes in the quality, playability, volume and responsiveness of the instrument...

Teacher Reference Guide

List of San Francisco Bay Area violin, viola and cello teachers offering private lessons in a variety of styles.

Please contact the teachers directly for information on studio location, rates and policies.

(photo by Sophia Wilson)

Greater Bay Area Youth Symphonies

We've compiled a list of the youth orchestras that we know of in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. If you know there is a youth orchestra/youth chamber group we've missed, let us know! This is a public resource; we have no guarantee of accuracy, nor do we have any particular affiliation.

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Cremona Exhibition

The exhibition will run
Dec. 2nd - Dec 22nd, 2016


Check out the pictures from the last reception here!

Cremona Exhibition Logo

Alasdair Fraser, world renowned Scottish fiddler, shows his new Jay Haide à l'ancienne violin.