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    When carbon fiber bows were first introduced, we must admit that we were skeptical. How could a bow with a synthetic stick possibly match one of fine pernambuco, the wood used for almost all fine bows for the last 200 years? When we compared the CodaBow to pernambuco bows, some costing much more, we were very surprised. We immediately recognized the advantages in durability and stability, but we also had to admit that the playing qualities were excellent. Soon, musicians from all over the Bay Area (including members of the San Francisco Symphony) were purchasing CodaBows as a backup or in some cases as a primary bow. There is no question that the carbon fiber bow is here to stay and the CodaBows have become among our most popular bows. They are available in five different models for violin, viola and cello, as well as the new Prodigy for 3/4 and 1/2 size violin and cello.

    Models for violin, viola and cello include the Diamond Gx, Sx and Nx, the Prodigy and the Joule. As with any of our fine instruments or bows, call or write us to determine availability.

    CodaBow has two models for bass: Infinity and Revelation. Both bows are available with either a French frog or a German frog. Both have a very nice looking graphite weave finish. The Infinity ebony frog has nickel silver mountings and sterling winding, the Revelation has a composite frog ("xebony") and nickel silver mountings. These bows are already very popular and have a great feel and sound.